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In all my years of being a Protographer I have come to realize there are many Stories to be told about my Photos. In doing so, I have heard many Stories of Models, I have Shot! Here is one my embarrassing ones:

During one of my Model Shoots while I lived in North Scituate, RI, I lost my Car Keys! My Landlord as it were was a Law Enforcement Detective; he also was my Landlord! Additionally I had lost my Key to my Apt. How embarrassing was this! I called my Landlord and he came to pick us up in a Squad Car; we wound up eating Pizza in the back of the Cruiser because he was on-the-job! He took me back to my Apt.; I could not look for my keys because it was very dark!

After Daybreak I went to back to the site where we Shot, and sure enough, my Keys were in the exact spot where I had left them!!! Good thing nobody had spotted them! Very Amusing! Who would have thought that could have happened to me! Of all people, a Professional Photographer! A foolish Lesson to be learned! :)

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What Message Are You Telling Yourself & Others Today?

Posted on January 5, 2016 at 11:40 AM

So what message did you begin with today? Did you begrudgingly arise today with a Negative attitude? Or did you arise after a good night's rest and willingly be Happy to be alive?
Just as you see this surfer challenging this powerful Wave, on which he is moving rapidly, what will move you today? What is your Motivation for living? Are you stuck in a job of many years like I was and Not have the Courage to move on? What will it take to be on Your Wave? Who will you listen to today? What will make you take the next step? Maybe you have suffered from some sort of Addiction, like Alcohol, or other Drugs. What is your Excuse which you keep telling yourself?
Sooooo, what will it take "Just for Today"_1_? Maybe it will be a change in Attitude, then maybe that will progress to sitting down & assessing your Priorities. Do you sit around posting Selfies on Facebook a lot without ever Physically/emotionally budging? Is that what really thrills you? As you assess those Priorities, maybe you have been thinking of taking a course, maybe going after that College degree? Maybe you have a God-given Talent and you are wasting your time and Drawing Freebies for Friends instead of getting paid for it...I just got asked in a Facebook chat if I do my Photography for Free when I am in Business for myself...I reported back that I am not a Non-profit! How dare another Business person think that I am for Free! LOL!!
The Bottom-line is, will you take the Courageous step to think Outside-Of-The-Box today? Who can you call for help? Ask me what moved me? I'll tell ya in more detail....
SO I suggest you take 3 Steps today:
1. Have a Postive attitude to move forward, if, even in your Thinking!
2. Take a physical step to look into New Resources for yourself, even if you begin Googling, and making those important Phonically rather than gossiping with your so-called Friends. If they really cared about you, they would kick you in the butt and challenge you to get moving---Those are Friends who care deeply for you!
3. Ask a Professional for help, whether a Counselor, a Personal Coach, or a Priest or Minister, or even a Best Friend who is willing to hold you accountable for your Actions, truly, one whom you can Trust!
Be prepared to fall flat on your face and get right back up again, Courageously, & take 3 more steps tomorrow toward that New Goal. This is a Your New Year of Personal Growth.
And lastly, be Proud of yourself tackling the little waves and be prepared to Surf everyday toward a New YOU-Be Proud of yourself for Taking that Newfound Bravery!
At the end of your day, you can feel a New You..which will energize yourself for another great day the very nest day!
Now, get some well-needed rest to tackle another day, and stop gossiping with your so-called, "Friends"!
(Side Note: Earlier, I referenced the phrase, "Just For Today"...a typical Al-Anon phrase used in the 12 Steps of Al-Anon Recovery program in their Book, "Just For Today").

The Elements of Photography Billing....

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 1:00 AM

There are a number of Components that a Professional Photographer has to take inrto account when Billing for a Customer.
Some of these are:
   1. What type of PhotoShoot is it?
   2. How long the Shoot actually is!
   3. Where is the Locale of the Shoot?
   4. How many People are involved?
   5. What Products are requested/being Purchased? Products are paid in addition to unless stated.
   6. What Copyright concerns are there? Are they being Purchased? Are they being Leased? Make  
         sure you understand that as a matter of Copyrighting, I chooose to have my Watermark on all Photosas a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for my Business.

I hope you understand; if any questions, please call me; I am very Open-minded & Willing to discuss!

Thank you! 

I look forward to Shooting with you and being Creative!

"April is Copyright Awareness Month- Get Involved" (PPA)!

Posted on April 4, 2015 at 12:40 AM

Imagine you are driving along a major Interstate Highway and you see a Photo of your's on a Billboard-Media blasted for all to see! Would you feel Complimented or Insulted? I know how I'd feel-I would be livid! Why, because in that moment, I would realize my Copyright has just been Transgressed to say the least! I knew a Professional Photographer whom it happened to too! She investigated and found out who was responsible for that & was taken to Court! BTW, there are Punitive Damages for such Violations!

Do you realize that Professional or not, that No One Party has the Right nor the privilege of using a Photo of your's unless they have Written Permission whether, via a Licensing/Leasing Agreement (Short or Long term), or outright Selling it to another party-Hopefully they have made it a worthwhile Profit to you as well? Do you realize also if you have been deceased, that a Family Member needs to have approved of that in Writing?

Under Federal Copyright laws you are entitled to depending on the variation of the Law(s) broken:

"...Statutory damages.—The injured party may elect, at any time, before final judgment is rendered, to recover, instead of actual damages and profits, an award of statutory damages for each violation of subsection (a) in a sum of not less than $2,500 or more than $25,000, as the court considers appropriate". (From the Federal Copyright Law Website) Furthermore, there even could be Imprisonment!In any case, you can always reference the Federal

Copyright Website @:


Hope this all has been very helpful; I will be distributing Copyright Literature from PPA to Printing Retail Distributors in my own Community, inclusive of the Chamber of Commerce!
Though, I am not an Attorney, if you have any questions, I'd be happy to, either provide the answer or inquire from a Copyright Attorney!
Have a Great Day!

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See Me Also On

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 4:20 PM

See my New Portfolio Listing at:

Rick Barber- Let me assist you in telling "Your Story"! is a top Mckinney, TX photographer on

Why Hire A PPA Photographer?

Posted on February 25, 2015 at 12:50 AM

Why Hire a  Photographer? Here are my Reasons; hope they prove to be Fruitful:

#1. PPA Photographers see/understand the Value of their Photography.

#2. PPA Photographers strive to bring out the Personality of each of their Clients.

#3. PPA Photographers brings their own Creative Style into Photoshoots & their Products,     i.e.         Photographers are taught various Lighting Techniques that assist with Creative Unique Images!

#4. PPA Photographers offers Free Training to their Members; online Support is there 24-7 via             Emails, Blogs, etc.

#5. You want to hire a Professional who knows what they are doing!

#6. Re-touching Images- many so-called Photographers make the biggest mistakes with Editing photos         PPA Photographers are taught the Finest Techniques to create Awesome Images; Re-                  touching Images is an Art in of itself!

#7. Finally, PPA Photographers are very Professional- they want to capture long Life-lasting Memories           with their Images!

I sincerely hope this helps in choosing a Better more Qualified Photographer!!!! Ciao for now & Have a   Great Day!

Requesting Help!

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 10:30 AM

As a Photographer, I see my Career as a neverending Learning process! I always seek the Assistance of others in my Field; that is why I joined the PPA, the Professional Photographers of America!

As a Business Person, I also joined the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, again, a Great Resouce for Help!  

My Photography Tip of the day is: Always, always, check for the angles of the Sun & Shade before you Shoot! I always try to challenge myself in New ways; I normally will not Shoot outdoors in a bright Sun; I did the other day and had decent Photos! Notice I didnt say "Awesome"! I did attempt to utilize the Shade where I could utilize it Best!!!

Another Quick Motto: Practice, Practice, Practice! Afterall, Practice does make Perfect, in my case, "FinestFotos"! And always---Keep Shooting! Finally, Asking For Help is Not a sign of Weakness, but rather, a sign of Strength!!!

Joined The McKinney Chamber of Commerce

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 1:50 PM

We have now joined the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, TX;  joined 1/15/15! We are planning on a Very Productive Year! Stay tuned!

You can be assured of Quality Fotos! Let us help You tell Your Story!

Self-Image Got You Down?-Hear A Model's Story...

Posted on January 16, 2015 at 1:25 PM

A short story; I once had a PhotoShoot with a Gal, Maureen, who said to me as she was entering my Studio,     "Rick, I am not Photogenic"!

My Response was:

"You see, Maureen, today we are going to change that"! And Change that we didAfter the Session as I was reviewing my Images of/with her, she joyfully & tearfully replied to me:


"I look So Beautiful"! >>>Well, Tearfully and Joyfully, she thanked me!


Wonders shall never cease!!!  

So come share your Story and I'll help you change that Loooong-Desired Image, the Resulting Therapy is FREE!!!! :)


Creating Fall Storybooks For Your Children...

Posted on October 9, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Happy Fall! 

This morning I was so moved Shooting Finest Fotos at the Scituate Reservoir and then spoke to a Friend who wants me to develop a Fall Storybook for his 1 1/2 Year old Son! And I thought, what a Great Idea!


This is a beautiful time of year to Shoot some Wonderful Finest Fotos! Let me help you develop some Beautiful Storybook images with your Thoughts & Feelings included in such a book! After working all night I was so moved this Am as the early morning Fog was lifting off the Reservoir! Think about Storybook Themes & Images we could Capture!

Email me if you would like to do that- let's this pursue together!:) I am known for my Creative Finest Fotos!!! 

I can envisionn us doing that! So email me now! The First Person who contacts me for a PhotoShoot gets an Owner's Discount!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

~~~Rick Barber~~~Owner/Photographer-Contact me at: 972-375-4477